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Complete solutions for advisors and institutions

Folio Institutional's turnkey FinTech, brokerage, and custody solutions are rich with features you won't find anywhere else.

Features like direct indexing—create completely customizable indexes, or “folios,” filtered for the tilts, industries, sectors, geographies, values-based preferences you select. And our patented Tax Football™ that shows you the securities to sell, and in what amounts, to achieve a particular tax result.

Our technology does the heavy lifting

Take advantage of our integrated performance reporting and analytics tools. Quickly access everything you need from your own customizable advisor dashboard with more than 70 powerful widgets to help streamline your business.

Automate cumbersome processes like account opening and management. We also offer a secure client portal for statements, tax documents, and important notifications, reducing your workload.

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Fast Facts

Here are a few of the innovative solutions you'll find at Folio Institutional:

  • Direct Indexing
  • Fractional Share Investing
  • Patented Tax Management Tools
  • Online Account Management
  • Private Placement Investments
  • Custom Investment Filters
  • Online Proxy Voting

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