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Combining Two of The Hottest Trends in Investing

on Nov 19, 2019 3:20:33 PM By | Folio | 0 Comments | Direct Indexer

Combining Two of The Hottest Trends in Investing: SRI/ESG Investing And Direct Indexing

SRI/ESG* investing is one of the fastest-growing movements in wealth management and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, there has been a 38% increase since 2016, and it now comprises 25% of all assets under management in the U.S. Moreover, 75% of investors indicate interest in SRI/ESG investing. Another rising trend is direct indexing, which allows advisors to build personalized, transparent portfolios of individual securities for clients based on indexes or model portfolios. With direct indexing, advisors can use their financial savvy to construct unique compilations of individual securities that include or exclude particular industries, stocks, sectors, and more – such as SRI/ESG overlays.

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